Eat Eastern Shore Excellent Edible Eels

For your best dining experience only Eastern Shore Eels will do.

Meet our Captain and First Mate:


               John V.             Steve V.

Please be sure to ask us about our Valued Customer Discount Plans:

    ** Plan A: Pre-Ordered Seasonal Discount - 10%

    ** Plan B: Repeat Customer Discount: - 5%

    ** Plan C: Weather/Lost Productivity Insurance: + 10%

For more information please contact us directly @ 410-430-8125.

President and CEO: John Vilkas, 410-430-8125

VP Sales and Marketing: Steve Vilkas, 443-880-8560

VP Customer Service: Denise Vilkas, 410-430-7500

VP Quality Control: Lauren Vilkas, 443-880-7667

** We reserve the right to raise or change prices at any time due to unforeseen events or circumstances beyond or within our control. These events may include but are not limited to: Rising Fuel Costs, Falling Fuel Costs, The Cost of Beer, Major or Minor Storms, Private Storm and Sargent Storm, F2, F3, and F4 Hurricanes, Rising Sea Levels, Falling Sea Levels, Acts of God, Acts of Muhammad, or the Arbitrary and Capricious Rule of Denise.